BBTumblr2I’m excited to announce that the 2nd installment of Believed Behavior is now live!

Believed Behavior 2 features five all-new comics from Anya Davidson, Lale Westvind, Lyra Hill, Michael DeForge, and Sophia Foster-Dimino! And the cover illustration seen here is by past contributor Andy Burkholder.

Believed Behavior 2 is a 12-page newsprint anthology just like issue 1, but there’s all kinds of new stuff too:

  • The order period for the current issue is now shorter. Only have ’til June 19th folks!
  • When you buy the current issue you see all the comics online instantly. No more serialization!
  • Fancy new website design!
  • Now 2 ways to view comics online: slide view or grid view!

Order Believed Behavior 2 now!