Subscribing to Believed Behavior is a great way to support the artists who contribute to the anthology. A percentage of each subscription goes directly to the cartoonists featured in the current issue.

How It Works

  1. Subscribe to Believed Behavior #2 web and print edition below. (coming soon in April!)
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  3. At the end of the 3 week subscription period you’ll be mailed a 12-page, full-color newsprint anthology collecting all the comics from the current issue.


Season 1 Online Subscription + Newsprint Anthology Pre-order: $8

Season 1 subscriptions closed!

Subscribers be on the lookout for your copy of the newsprint anthology + Andy Burkholder print this month. Thanks again and stayed tuned for Believed Behavior #2 in April 2014!

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Comics, easy to view on your phone or tablet with swipe gestures.[attr style=”text-align:left”]**
Instant online access to the current issue’s most recent comic panels.[attr style=”text-align:left”]**
The current season of comics collected in a 12-page newsprint tabloid.[attr style=”text-align:left”]**
The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped support great cartoonists.[attr style=”text-align:left”]**